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Representative Office of India

1.   I have the honor to communicate to you the Government of India's offer of scholarship slots to the meritorious nationals from State of Palestine, under the General Scholarship Scheme for 2016-17 Academic Session of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR).

2.   The detailed information regarding the scholarship scheme is available at http://iccr.gov.in/ under scholarships caption.

3.   While the Government of India do try and select universities for foreign scholars with appropriate hostel facilities, their admission to these hostels cannot always be guaranteed, due to late confirmation of their arrivals, which may require them to rent private accommodation.

4.   It may kindly be noted that ICCR does not arrange admission in Medical / Paramedical (Nursing / Physiotherapi, anesthesia etc.) / fashion courses.

5.   In case of scholars pursuing Science course, the expenditure on laboratory chemicals and other related incidental charges will be borne by the scholars themselves.

6.   It may kindly be noted that for B.E. /B. Tech Course, the candidates must have science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in their school leaving certificate, which is mandatory for their Engineering Courses.

7.   Priority will be given to students, who have never studied in India before.

8.   It may kindly be noted that Indian universities/educational institutions are autonomous and independent, and, hence have their own eligibility criteria. Forwarding of applications is, thus, not a guarantee of admission. A scholarship is awarded only when admission is confirmed. In this regard, prospective students should do due diligence and research on the specific admission criteria laid down by the various Universities for each subject and ensure that they submit all relevant documentation as required by the Universities in addition to the basic certificates mentioned in the application form. For this, they may refer to the University's Handbook http://www.aiuweb.org/ University Grants Commission's website and the concerned institute's website for all eligibility criteria. In addition, the list of Universities where ICCR scholars are usually studying is also available on the ICCR website at www.iccrindia.net/scholarshipschemes.html

9.   It would not be possible to entertain a subsequent change in course of study / university, once admission of a scholar is confirmed.

10.   It may kindly be ensured that students applying for scholarships should have fluent knowledge of English.

11.   The nomination forms should be forwarded to the Ministry of Education, State of Palestine not later than December 10, 2015.

12.   It may kindly be noted that no airfare is provided to the students under the General Scholarship Scheme (GSS).


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