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India would continue to extend strong support for the Palestinian cause.

In response to a media query, about a report in The Hindu, entitled "India may end support to Palestine at U.N.",   official spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs stated the following:

Let me try and frame this properly. The first thing is that please do not see foreign policy as a choice between two polar extremes. Such reports only emanate when you see foreign policy of an 'either, or' choice. As regards your specific question, I can state that there is no change in our policy of extending traditionally strong support for the Palestinian cause while maintaining good relations with Israel. Let me tell you the facts in this case. Those of you who follow Parliament, may I suggest, have a look at the Parliamentary records of 21st July 2014. The External Affairs Minister in a policy statement to the Rajya Sabha on the Gaza conflict specifically stated that our strong support for the Palestinian cause remains while maintaining good relations with Israel. Subsequently, at the United Nations there was a NAM Ministerial Committee meeting on Palestine on 26thSeptember 2014 in New York. The External Affairs Minister then said that India as a founding member of the Nonaligned Movement has always supported the cause of the Palestinian people which has been a core feature of our foreign policy, and that our stance on the Palestinian question was inspired by our own freedom struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi. If those are the moorings of our support for the Palestinian cause, you can be certain it is not going to change.

However, those who want reiterations all the time, I would like to draw your attention to another statement subsequent to that statement. This was the Prime Minister's message to the United Nations on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. This was celebrated on 24th November 2014. In this statement Prime Minister reiterated India's support for the cause of Palestine and solidarity with the Palestinian people for their struggle for a sovereign, independent, viable and united state of Palestine within secure and recognised borders, side by side at peace with Israel, and with East Jerusalem as its Capital.

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