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Remarks by President at the inauguration of Midan-Al-Hind (India Roundabout) and Shereya-Al-Hind (India Road) [October 12, 2015 ]

October 12, 2015 

Your Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas

Mayor of Beitunia Mr Ribhi Daula
Council Members of Beitunia Municipality
Ladies and Gentlemen,

  • I am very happy to be here with you on this historic occasion of the naming of the Midan al Hind and the Shereya al Hind. These are not only landmarks in the city of Ramallah, but they represent a landmark in the long standing and close friendship between the people of India and the people of Palestine.
  • I feel immensely privileged to be the first President of India to make a State Visit to Palestine. I thank you for the honour and for this very special gesture. India deeply values it as a manifestation of the warmth of the people of Palestine towards their brothers in India. This road will remind our future generations of the close partnership between our nations.
  • A few years ago, in 2004, India deeply appreciated the naming of the nearby Mahatma Gandhi Road after the Father of the Indian nation. I would like to reiterate how much India cherishes the respect and regard shown by the people of Palestine for Gandhiji who is still revered as an apostle of peace and non-violence throughout the world. Mahatma Gandhi had raised the strongest voice in support of the Palestinian cause. It is touching to see that his memory remains strong in the hearts of the people of Palestine.
  • The India Road and India Roundabout also establish a special connection between India and the Beitunia Municipality and the people of Beitunia. They have been wonderful hosts to the Representative Office of India, which is situated nearby on Mahatma Gandhi Road.
  • I thank them on behalf of the Government and the people of India. I take this opportunity to convey to the people of Palestine the warm greetings and sincere wishes of the people of India for peace , progress and prosperity in Palestine.

Once again, I thank you!

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